Like all parents, Dylan’s mother and father were ecstatic the day she was born. At three weeks of age, a small hemangioma appeared on the nose of their little angel. Dylan’s parents consulted with their pediatrician who said it was nothing to worry about. A few weeks later, the hemangioma had grown, doubling the size of her nose. At a follow-up appointment with the child’s pediatrician, he encouraged the parents to take Dylan to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“CHOP”) as soon as possible. At that appointment, the doctor at CHOP wanted to wait until Dylan was four years old for surgery. By this time, the hemangioma was causing a narrowing of her nasal airway and was interfering with her normal breathing. The CHOP doc-tor prescribed steroids for Dylan to take over the next eight months to keep the hemangioma from growing and causing more issues. Through a family friend, Dylan’s parents learned about Dr. Milton Waner. Months later, she underwent surgery and was free of the invasive and debilitating hemangioma.

Funding a child like Dylan would cost the foundation around $6,500.


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